2022 Daniel Fast




Confession: Today and everyday I set my mind to DELIGHT in you, Lord. I am lead by The Holy Spirit. My heart and mind are pliable and ready to be shaped into the beautiful image of the Word of God. I am confident that whatever I ask, You hear me, and I know that I have the petitions that I desire because your desires and now my desires and your will is my will, in Jesus name. 

Psalms 37:4 AMPC



Confession: Father in the name of Jesus, I humble myself, I submit to your word and I allow it to be that which I build my life with. I declare today that I am absolutely empowered by this humility. I declare that I am infused with the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome any test, trial or challenge that I may face. Thank you Father for healing me and for healing every area of my life through this principle of humbling myself in Jesus name Amen.

2 Chronicles 7:14



Confession: Father in the name of Jesus I declare that I am just like Jesus, I am of quick understanding in the Fear of God. I declare today that I submit to prayer and I submit to meditating your word. I absolutely depend upon you. I obey every little prompting of the Holy Spirit. I thank you for your grace and anointing that is working in and on me. I am in awe of you and your word , and I am daily developing and growing in this supernatural principle of reverence in Jesus name , Amen.

Hebrews 5:7-8



Confession: I make a conscious decision to present myself daily to God and his word. I will not allow myself to be distracted by the pressures or the pleasures of life. I consecrate myself daily and I will not be conformed to this world. I set my mind on the Things of the Kingdom and I keep it set . My daily transformation is causing me to be propelled into Gods good, acceptable and perfect will for my life in Jesus Name Amen...

Romans 12:1-2



Confession: I boldly declare that Gods word is my highest reality, it is truth. I declare that I abide in truth and allow it to take root in me. I decree that as truth takes root in me it frees me from experiencing what the world experiences. I am set apart, withdrew from the crowd. I am distinguished, My light shines before every person I make contact with and my life Glorifies God in Jesus name Amen.....

JOHN 17:17



Confession: I boldly declare that I love Jesus and I express my love with obedient actions daily. When he speaks to me by his word I not only hear but I obey. Daily I am meditating the word and it is fixed firm in my thinking and it causes me to respond instantly to any and every instruction of the Holy Spirit. I declare that because of my instant obedience I experience Gods continual favor in Jesus Name Amen.

JOHN 14:15



Confession: I declare today that I have made up my mind to not become so busy with the distractions of life and allow my time to seek the lord to diminish. I set my mind to seek the lord over and above every other priority of my life. I declare that the lion in me overcomes every obstacle in my life, I am more than a conqueror in Jesus name Amen! 

Psalms 27:4-6