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Are you Ready to take the next steps to becoming who God created you to be? We are beyond excited for you to join us on this life long journey together! Here at Restore World Church we believe in family: committing, connecting, and contributing together! We don't take it lightly when someone new wants to join in on what's going on! Next Steps are 3 step process designed to help you know God, know yourself, and know your purpose together with the church family. 

If you desire to jump on board and start taking your Next Steps, join us every Sunday morning (before church service) @9:45am!

Step 1: Commit

Commit to The Vision! Commitment can sometimes seem scary, but other times it's as easy as committing to a gym.  In Step One, our Lead Pastor, Claude Bevier and some of our other servant leaders will show you an inside look into the vision of the ministry, where we are and where we want to go, while also teaching you the basic foundations of what we believe and how this ministry is ran.  Membership opportunities will be available after taking a few classes, if you decide to officially commit and make Restore World Church your church home! 

Next Step #1 - Commit

Adrian Campus - Sundays @11am 

Step 2: Connect

Connect to The Team! Often times in ministry connect with people outside of your normal circle of friends can be hard. At Restore World Church our goal is to make connecting easy for you! We think it’s a big deal when someone is ready to connect to the family here. Now that you have finished Step 1, you will be hand selected and placed in a specific Small Group. Your Small Group leader will get in touch with you shortly after your commitment as a member is official.


We also have Turn Challenge for men looking to further connect with our men of the ministry. Here we dive deep into the image and anointing of a father and we hear about what a man really looks like from a biblical perspective. Her Turn is an opportunity for the woman to connect with other woman from the church as well. 


Next Step #2 - Get Connected and Stay Connected!

Turn Challenge - Adrian Location - @8:00am Every 4th Saturday

Her Turn - TBA

Step 3: Contribute

Contribute in Society! We believe that work within the four walls of the church is extremely important as is work outside the four walls. After committing and connecting, now its time to put your creativity, gifts, and strength in place. Its time for you join an iTeam. An iTeam a specific department of the church where people come together and SERVE on Sundays, Wednesdays, during the week, or maybe all three depending on what department you join. Through your journey from step 1 to step 3 you should have a clear understanding of who we are as a church family, a clear understanding of each department, and a clear path where you are serving, making your church home and community a better place to be at! 

Step #3 - Contribute

Always remember to go from spot, to spot, to spot... serving, until you reach your ultimate spot of influence.



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