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Lesson Plans

February - Month 2 Week 1
What is He looking for?

God is looking to see who is seeking Him, who is understanding Him, and who really loves Him. He loves us all, but He is looking! All He is looking for us to do is to simply be available! He just wants to spend time with us, and we should want to spend time with Him too!

February - Month 2 Week 2
He SAW it!

God is looking for something! Last week we talked about how God is looking for those who seek Him. This week we will discover something else God is looking for....FAITH! He is looking for those who have faith (trust and obedience) in Him over that which is going on around us!

February - Month 2 Week 3
Called or Chosen?

Now that we know what God is looking for, let's look at a popular passage of scripture. What does it really mean to be called or chosen? If you were invited to seek God, to know God, or to hear Him, would you accept the invitation?

February - Month 2 Week 4
He is Knocking!

Having skill is great! But the foundation of everything we do and achieve in this life and in heaven is not about our skill, but rather our availability. God will jump over 1,000 people who have skill for that 1 person who is available to Him. You are pleasing to God, because you are 100% you...because your His son, and He loves His children, just because!



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