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Big Night is where we celebrate everything God has done in the current year, while looking forward and celebrating what God will do in the new year! 

We believe that the way you exit one thing is the way you will enter a new thing. So we take time to exit 2019 and enter 2020 with worship, unity, and fun for the whole family. 



12 .31. 19   |   9pm - 12:01am

Lastly, we take time to sow a BIG SEED, while making a list of expectation for the new year. We believe in the power of seed, time, and harvest. And over recent years we have experience so many miracles and have so many testimonies to share.

So, please plan on bringing in the new year with your church family, come with a BIG SEED, & come expecting the supernatural as we plan for 2020, The year of Seeing and Seizing!